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'Brain' is a brain workout, easy to seniors. No time limit. Illustrations on questions are provided in the enlarged version for seniors. Please use this service for dementia prevention. You can print illustrations on questions. With no time limit, you can enjoy training your brain for free at your own pace without being hasty.

List of Exercises

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Figure Exercises Finding difference in figure Finding difference in figure 01 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 02 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 03 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 04 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 05 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 06 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 07 (Beginner)
Finding difference in figure 08 (Beginner)
Numbers Exercises 1-digit addition 1-digit addition 01 (Beginner)
1-digit addition 03 (Intermediate)
Missing number Missing number 01 (Beginner)
Missing number 02 (Beginner)
Missing number 03 (Intermediate)
Missing number 04 (Advanced)
Image Exercises Finding Difference Added Finding difference in illustration 01 (Beginner)
Finding difference in illustration 02 (Beginner)
Finding difference in illustration 03 (Intermediate)
Finding difference in illustration 04 (Advanced)
Finding difference in illustration 05 (Intermediate) latest
Finding difference in illustration 06 (Advanced) latest
Finding difference in kind Finding difference in kind 01 (Beginner)
Finding mistake in illustration Finding mistake in illustration 01 (Beginner)
Same illustration Same illustration 01 (Beginner)
Same illustration 02 (Intermediate)
Same illustration 03 (Beginner)
Same illustration 04 (Beginner)
Brain Training Puzzles Picture puzzle 01 (Beginner)
Picture puzzle 02 (Beginner)
Picture puzzle 03 (Beginner)
Picture puzzle 04 (Beginner)
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Brain Workout for dementia prevention! Please use 'Brain' as a drill every day. Please contact here for 'Brain'


Name Brain training club
Detailed business Planning and creation of brain training questions
Establishment January 25th, 2010
Representative Yuichiro Hishida
Address 1-8-35-702 Maeji, Urawa-Ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
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